Tell the Superior Board of Trustees to Re-Open Weldona!

On August 27, 2018, the Superior Board of Trustees chose to close Weldona Way at the request of just a handful of residents. THIS CLOSURE IS A DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE SUPERIOR MUNICIPAL CODE SECTION 16-17-80 (C)(3). The board claims they have the supreme authority to ignore this, and thus have set a precedence for their low regard of Superior municipal code!!!

The board claims that closing Weldona is a safety measure, but they ignore MANY counter examples that would make you and your neighbors LESS SAFE! Most notably, emergency response times will be dramatically impacted! Don’t think a few minutes matters? Did you know that the American Heart Association states that for every extra minute that someone in cardiac arrest goes without emergency treatment, their chance of survival drops by 10% (see citation here)! Response times due to the closure will increase by life-costing minutes for many homes in Rock Creek! Responsible parents can PLAN for their children’s safety by being present or teaching children to play in back yards or the many parks in Rock Creek. CAN YOU PLAN FOR THE NEXT TIME YOU NEED EMERGENCY HELP???

Further, the boards decisions will increase local neighborhood pollution substantially: Considering the case where a single driver for each of 100 household makes just one trip per day, with an extra mile added to each direction (2 miles*100 households*365 days): If forced to drive just those two extra miles per day, the result is 73,000 extra miles per year, or about 5,000 extra gallons of gasoline burned in a small area, using typical local-road MPG. THIS WILL BE THE AIR YOU ARE BREATHING NOW!

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Were you surprised by the Weldona closure? Thats because, most likely, your opinion on the matter was never sought or accounted for by the board of trustees. Demand that your voice be heard! Contact the board ASAP to tell them that you are opposed to:

– REDUCING YOUR SAFETY by throttling the ability of emergency vehicles to efficiently access our neighborhood. IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY, ARE YOU WILLING TO WAIT MANY EXTRA MINUTES FOR EMERGENCY RESPONSE??? Many local police and EMTs oppose the closure!

– Forcing children to walk further to their bus stop, which, since the closure, is now along a 35mph road, rather than Weldona, which after speed humps were installed, averages 16mph. THIS CLOSURE COMPROMISES CHILDREN SAFETY!

– Increasing the carbon emissions of our neighborhood by forcing hundreds of houses to expand their daily commute by up to a mile each way, potentially several times per day.

 Spending hundreds of thousands of YOUR tax dollars to build a wall to close off Weldona, along with the associated traffic modifications. 

 * NOTE that there are NO DOCUMENTED SAFETY INCIDENTS along Weldona that set it apart statistically form ANY other Superior street. Will your street be the next victim of the trustees?

The board of trustees are reluctant to reverse the Weldona decision, as they feel it would make them look fickle. Let them know that it is their RESPONSIBILITY to set their egos aside and do what is right for the community. We did not elect them to serve as our lawyer, real estate agent, or any other position that they hold personally. They are elected to hear our voices and act accordingly. Tell the Superior Board of Trustees that anything short of re-opening Weldona would represent the “HEIGHT OF FOOLISHNESS”!


The current Superior trustees are

Contact the entire Board of Trustees to express your displeasure with this decision! 

Along with your own concerns, you may choose to point out the following:
– Emergency vehicle access to many parts of Rock Creek will be impeded by the trustees’ decision
– The safety of your children is at higher risk, as the trustees choose to funnel substantially more traffic past school walkways
– School buses will no longer pick up your children in that area of the Rock Creek. Instead, kids must walk to a stop on the now-even-busier Coal Creek Dr.
– Treacherous left turns from Coal Creek Dr onto Rock Creek Pkwy, which is a heavily trafficked, wide boulevard with worse visibility than 88th
– Ease of access to 88th and/or Dillon Rd.
.- A noticeable increase in your morning and evening commutes
– Increased congestion at the intersections of Akron Pl. and Coal Creek Dr.
– There are no documented safety incidents along Weldona that set it apart from any other residential street
– Your right to travel along Weldona Way, which is a public road and not the property of those who live along it
– Despite what closure proponents will try to lead you to believe, NO code regulations regarding to the distance from 88th to the first driveway on Weldona would be violated if Weldona is opened. This is misinformation. Weldona Way is grandfathered in under the code that was in place AT THE TIME OF CONSTRUCTION, not current regulations. Do not buy into the idea that the closure ‘must happen for legal reasons’

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